Episode 50

August 13, 2022


#50 - Alex Jones Gets Owned + 2 Years Of Power Report

#50 - Alex Jones Gets Owned + 2 Years Of Power Report
POWER REPORT with dan from the internet
#50 - Alex Jones Gets Owned + 2 Years Of Power Report

Aug 13 2022 | 02:48:40


Show Notes

The 50th episode of POWER REPORT is a celebration/debate about the past, present, and future of the left's most colorful, sporadically weekly news show. Topics covered include: Donald Trump apparently burying his ex-wife at a golf course to avoid taxes, the alex jones trial, dems self sabotaging themselves by propping up extreme Republicans for the ballot, Pelosi in Taiwan, Ukraine updates, and a spirited conversation about the best of power report: what we're proud of and where we're going. (sorry no timecodes this week, but roughly in that order of topics)


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